Established 1911

Elegantly Restored.
Tastefully Modernized.

We welcome guests with the utmost in Gulf Coast luxury, Grand Galvez marries over 100 years of history with prime resort conveniences.

The Only Historic Beachfront Hotel on the Gulf Coast of Texas

History Of Grand Galvez

In 1786 Bernardo de Galvez surveyed the area, which is where our fully restored property bears its name. In 1900, a hurricane devastated the city, claiming 6,000 to 8,000 lives. Central to the city’s rebuilding was the construction of a 17-foot seawall and causeway to the mainland, With the 1911 opening of Grand Galvez, Galveston, Texas, was reborn as a treasured vacation destination.

$11 Million Centennial Renovations In 2011

Perhaps the most striking is the renewal of the original Peacock Alley, the grand walkway leading from the lobby to the spa and ballroom, a design element not seen at the hotel in over 70 years. During the renovation, original moldings and ceilings were found in the hotel walls that have been restored for the first time since 1962.

Lobby Mosaic

Heralding the hotel’s moniker as “Queen of the Gulf”, the new 43-foot by 7-foot Murano glass mosaic was designed by Grand Galvez owner Mark Wyant and his interior designer wife, Lorenda Wyant, produced by Dallas-based mosaicist Julie Richey and was installed in May 2022 by Ms. Richey and Romeo de Candido of Miami.

Urns On Four Towers

Twelve 4-foot-tall decorative white plaster urns have been placed on the exterior corners of the four towers at the top of Grand Galvez. The tower urns are exact recreations of those originally installed for the 1911 Hotel Galvez opening. The originals were last seen 90 years ago in 1932, possibly disappearing because of that year’s hurricane.

Model T Speedster

Mark Wyant, owner, Grand Galvez, has purchased and restored a 1915 Ford Model T Speedster, considered one of the country’s first sport cars. Modified to go to 50 mph, Mr. Wyant drove the 14-foot-long vehicle from Dallas arriving on June 10, the 111th anniversary of the hotel’s opening. The vehicle has been positioned in the East Loggia, where it permanently resides as part of a historic display.

Marble Fountain

As part of his goal of emphasizing the grand renovations, Mr. Wyant commissioned a landmark Italian marble fountain, which has been produced in Italy for the Center Lawn of the Grand Galvez. Featuring dolphins, griffins and peacocks around a 4-tiered fountain and water display, this magnificent fountain was carved from Calacetta marble and is 16-feet tall by 35 feet wide.

Historical Facts

  • Hotel built with $1 million following the devastating 1900 hurricane
  • Known as “Queen of the Gulf”
  • Opened on June 10, 1911, at 6 pm
  • Rooms were $2 per night in 1911
  • Temporary White House for Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Served as WWII Coast Guard Facility
  • Former celebrity guests include Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
  • Once housed a barbershop and tailor
  • The Spa at the Grand Galvez was built in 2008
  • Headquarters for “Pageants of Pulchritude,” predecessor to the Miss Universe Pageant

Learn more about the hotel’s rich history with Kathleen Maca’s, A History of the Hotel Galvez.

Ghost Tours of the Grand Galvez

Grand Galvez honors its resident ghosts with tours by the Ghostess and a costumed Bride Ball in October. Book a tour or buy Kathleen Maca’s book, A History of the Hotel Galvez, to learn more about the Galvez’ haunting guests